Wednesday, August 24

Bed + Nighttime = Dreams

It sure is getting colder. Fall is upon us and I feel myself drawn to more luxurious textures. Fur, wool, dark wooden floors and leather. This bed sure fits the bill.

{via Lonny Magazine}

Monday, August 22

Roaming Rooms

Sigh. What a room. I am loving the windows and the vast space. The mix of textures and colours is breathtaking. My favorite piece in the room? The piece of art in the back. Such a wonderful eyecatcher!

{House Doctor via 79 Ideas}

Wednesday, August 17

Bed + Nighttime = Dreams

Hmmm. Only the middle of the week and I am already officially pooped. Hoping this day will go by fast, so I can go and relax in my freshly made bed. Too bad it doesn't look anything like this one.

{source unknown, if you happen to know where this image comes from, please let me know}

Monday, August 15

Roaming Rooms

What a gorgeous room. The high ceilings. The white walls. The floor-to-ceiling windows. The light!

{Nuevo Estillo via Design Attractor}

Saturday, August 13


Strange but beautiful name. This 10-year old girl has already made quite a splash in the fashion world. Not only has she been named the next big thing in fashion, she has also caused quite a scandal when she posed for Vogue.

But instead of focusing on scandal, I would just like to share these images of this beautiful little French model. I am sure we will see more of her in the future.

All pictures via Knightcat

Thursday, August 11

The circus is in town

As a child, I loved the circus. The flying trapeze, the elephants, the red and yellow tent. Whenever the circus was in town, I wanted to go. Every. Single. Day. When they left town, I wanted to go with them.  And then I watched the movie It. My love was immediately replaced by fear. Damn clowns.

But these images almost change it back to love. The way their bodies contort. Absolutely amazing.

For more of these stunning images, check out Bertil Nilsson.

Wednesday, August 10

We want you!

When we see them driving behind us, we curse under our breaths. Or sometimes out loud. When they issue us a ticket for double parking, we won't stop talking about it all day. But the riots in London have, if nothing else, shown us how important the police is in maintaining some kind of order in society. And in New Zealand, they need more of them. The way the New Zealand police force is recruiting its new colleageus is quite amazing.

Otis Frizell, a street artist, has created these capturing images. These images are based on true stories and are placed at the sites where these events unfolded.

To find out more about these pieces of art and the stories behind them, please visit the website of the New Zealond Police.

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