Wednesday, June 29

Levitation Love

Ever wanted to fly? I sure have.

Natsumi Hayashi tries to fly everyday and in her pictures, she achieves just that. One day, this Japanese girl decided to take pictures of herself levitating. By jumping and pressing the shutter button at the right time, she looks like she actually is flying. I like the fact that she looks so relaxed, her face doesn't show the fact that she just jumped as high as she can.

These pictures sent me soaring

For more of Natsumi's work, click here

Monday, June 27

Saturday, June 25

Before I Die

Do you have a bucket list? Things you want to do before you die? This is the question that Candy Chang is asking her neighbourhood. Candy Chang is a public installation artist from New Orleans who likes to make cities more comfortable for people. She turned the side of an abandoned building into a giant chalkboard. On this chalkboard, people can write down their hopes and dreams and remember what is important to them.

And after just one day, the entire wall is filled with peoples' wishes, hopes and dreams.

What a wonderful way to create a sense of community.

More information on Candy Chang and her work, click here.

Thursday, June 23

Bling and Paint



Is there anything more girly? Except for barbies of course.

The combination of the two is even better. Big chunky rings combined with fluorescent nail polish are my favourite way to accessorize at the moment. It feels bohemian, bold and young. These pictures make me want to keep switching it up.

{via Pinterest}


And my absolute favourite


Wednesday, June 22

Bed + Nighttime = Dreams

{A Note On Design}
Such a serene space.

Fierce Faces

Stefano Unterthiner is one talented photographer. Words are not neccessary. Just check out these pictures and you know exactly what I mean.

Tuesday, June 21

Weekly Outfits

So here we go for round 2.

{This time tomorrow}
Love the combination of pink and orange. Would these colours work for a blonde? Cause in that case I am totally going shopping.

I want those sunglasses. Plus the look on his face made me giggle. Always a good thing when a man can make you smile right?

{Both pictures from Le Blog de Betty}
Okay, so I have always thought Betty had pretty awesome taste. Love the outfits she puts together and she always looks elegant. But she just went and raised the stakes...

She wore leopard shoes AND she has a leopard rug! So jealous.
As seen by this post, I am a big leopard fan. Huge. So now I have been scouring this site she got the shoes from and I am so close to ordering them. Even though I have more than enough shoes.

Seriously. Imelda Marcos has nothing on me.

{Song of Style}

Very laid-back and elegant. And such a cute dog!

Tell me, which one is your favourite?

Saturday, June 18

This Sunday

I just had the most amazing night! First I got to watch my man finish half a marathon. So proud. Then we had some drinks.

{Two sisters with a spoon}

While walking home, a lovely salsa band was playing, which we danced to. Together. And this was no slow dancing either. He just finished half a marathon! Don't know how he pulled it off, but he sure put a smile on my face.

So this Saturday night was a lot of fun. And to keep the fun going, tomorrow I would like to wake up in this house.

{Lavender and Lime}

In this bed.

{lark + linen}
 Next to this man.


That last one is probably not going to happen though. Don't really want it to happen either. I would never trade M. for anything in the world.

(But that man sure is nice to look at!)


Marc Laroche did this amazing series of photographs on hair. It isn't really about the hair though. More about the movement the hair makes.

For more of these amazing photos, click here.

Friday, June 17

Lovely Link List


  • Always wanted an assortment of bling on your arms? Look here for a step by step guide on how to achieve the look.  

  • Looking for a new ring? Then you should definitly check out this online shop.

  • I have always been fascinated with other peoples homes and the way they live. This series of images shows you something you normally don't see (hint: food!).

  • This article touched my heart. Taking a picture everyday for 18 years takes discipline. To see someone's life displayed in photographs gives you a very different idea of the person behind them. Go read it.

Tell me, are there any blogs or links you just HAVE to tell me about? Let me know in the comments.

Sex bomb? Or not?

Is it me or is this girl too skinny?

{via here}

Or is this just photoshop gone nuts?

Let me know in the comments. I would love to read your thoughts!

Thursday, June 16

Bathtub, where art thou?

My bathroom is, in my opinion, perfect. I have the right amount of space, the right amount of light and a shower which never clogs up or floods. Especially that last point, very important. Very happy with that. But maybe there is something I am missing. A big oval thing. You can put water in it and then just lay there. Lay there in the water. What's it called again? Oh right, a bathtub.

Yeah..... I don't have one of those...

But if I could choose one right now, it would be one of these

(John Granen}

{Searching for Moonlight}

{Apartment Therapy}

{Sunday in Bed}

So... did I make you drool? Because my chin is soaked. I am gonna get some tissues...

Wednesday, June 15

Bed + Nighttime = Dreams

A busy day.
A dark sky.
Sleepy eyes.
Equals: Sleep.

And this is the bed I want to sleep in.

{The Aestate}

Tuesday, June 14

Weekly Outfits

Every single day I am inspired. And, being a girl, I am mostly inspired by fashion. Not the expensive brands, like Chanel or Chloe (those just make me wish I had money). But streetstyle, blog style (is that a word?) and styling in tv shows and movies. So from now on I am going to post the the outfits that have inspired me the most that week or outfits I just find absolutely breathtaking. Here are my favourites of this week.

{Cupcakes and Cashmere} 

The combination of the blue, orange and white just screams summer. Plus aviator glasses. Winning!

{Atlantic - Pacific}

Her skirt makes me think of ballet. When I think of ballet I think of elegance. What a lovely thought and feeling to get from a skirt.

{Garance Doré}
The colors, the flowing fabric and the loose, tousled curls. Perfect beach party attire or is that just me?

{The Sartorialist}
Again, the curls. The long, flowing skirt. And the toenails painted to match the dress. Light and airy, perfect for summer!

But for my absolute favourite of the week: The Glamourai

{The Glamourai}

The way Kelly matches pattern, colours and shapes is absolute genius. Genius I say!

Tell me. Which one is your favourite and why? I would love to hear from you.
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