Thursday, May 26

Style Me Pretty Please

If it was possible, I would ask these ladies for some style advice everyday

{via here}

{Kelly from the Glamourai}

{Bee from Atlantic - Pacific}

{via here}

{Sydney from The Daybook}

Absolutely love these girls, their blogs and, above all, their amazing style!

Do you have any fashion or style blogs that inspire you?

Wednesday, May 25

A Different Eye

Today was a beautiful day. Everything came together. I walked to work and the sun was shining. Work was productive and time just flew by. When I came home, M had already cooked a delicious sushi salad. A normal work day, but sometimes you just enjoy the little things. Maybe it isn't even the fact that I enjoyed them, but the fact that I actually noticed them.
All these pictures were about the concrete floors, but in every single picture I noticed something that I liked more than the floor.

This chair is stunning.

The artwork on the wall is so colorful and really functions as the center of the room.

{All pictures via Apartment Therapy}

The blue/orange neon throw really adds a pop of color to this room.

Lately I have really been drawn to neon throws. Maybe it's time to look for an affordable, fabulous version of my own. Do you have any suggestions?

Tuesday, May 24

Design by Ashe + Leandro

The moment I saw these pictures of the Carpenter residence designed by Ashe and Leandro, I fell absolutely in love. The use of color is amazing. They are able to use this much color because they keep the basics clean, pure and white. The bold colors stand out and are never too much.

I am obsessed with the classic Eames chair with the neon-colored throw!

In the Westside three bedroom project their use of color was much more selective but still very pleasing to the eye.

I will definitely be keeping my eye on these two. So excited about what they will come up next!

Monday, May 23

Joy and Pain

"I would hate for someone to look at my shoes and say, 'Oh my God! That looks so comfortable!'.."
                                                        - Christian Louboutin

Saturday, May 21

Is it Sunday yet?

It has been a hectic week. Work has been absolutely crazy. I had to hand in a law essay which caused some major stress, but everything worked out. My heartrate has gone way down and I am looking forward to a relaxing Sunday.

So this Sunday I want to wake up here:

{via Philip Karlberg for Elle Interior}

Drinking a nice cup of tea

{via We Heart It}
Re-reading this

{via We Heart It}

What are your plans for this Sunday?

Thursday, May 19

Tropical Island Fantasy

To be in that dress at that beautiful island, would be heaven. A true fantasy that will keep me going for the rest of the day.

{Sebastian Faena for V Magazine}

Wednesday, May 18

Yellow + Grey = Beautiful

I have moved into my new house over two years ago now. I have worked hard to get it as I want it and I absolutely love the progress that has been made. But still some areas could need some work. White would obviously be the easy choice, but at the moment I am leaning towards grey walls and a yellow door. These pictures sure do help with making this choice.

{via Sabrina Linn}

{via Desire to Inspire}

{via Design Sponge}
{via Houzz}
{via Simply Grove}

{via here}

Tuesday, May 17

Color Me Happy

Looking for some salmon-colored pants. Immensly inspired by these gorgeous pictures.

{via Garance Doré}

{via Zara}

{via Late Afternoon}

{via Modern Hepburn}

{via Luella Loves}

{via Kendi Everyday}
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