Wednesday, May 25

A Different Eye

Today was a beautiful day. Everything came together. I walked to work and the sun was shining. Work was productive and time just flew by. When I came home, M had already cooked a delicious sushi salad. A normal work day, but sometimes you just enjoy the little things. Maybe it isn't even the fact that I enjoyed them, but the fact that I actually noticed them.
All these pictures were about the concrete floors, but in every single picture I noticed something that I liked more than the floor.

This chair is stunning.

The artwork on the wall is so colorful and really functions as the center of the room.

{All pictures via Apartment Therapy}

The blue/orange neon throw really adds a pop of color to this room.

Lately I have really been drawn to neon throws. Maybe it's time to look for an affordable, fabulous version of my own. Do you have any suggestions?

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