Wednesday, September 28

Thursday, September 22

Last day of summer

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Goodbye Summer. You know I love you and I am not trying to be mean but please try a little harder next year. This season was not your best work.

Tuesday, September 20

Monday, September 19

Happy Monday!

So dreamers, how was your weekend? I hope it was filled with love and laughter and memories that will carry you through to next weekend. Here is some loveliness to kick-start your week!

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A small recap of all things lovely around NYFW.

These wonderful lipbalms over at Etsy.

In this the rain will never get me.

A gorgeous smile.

Love the simplicity of this dress. It will be mine shortly... I hope.

This wonderful poem.

These cards made me laugh out loud.

I hope you enjoy your Monday! And remember the weekend is almost here again.

Wednesday, September 14

Bed + Nighttime = Dreams

Sunday morning bliss. Maybe this Sunday?
Well, a girl can dream...

{Modern Hepburn}

Monday, September 12

Roaming Rooms

Oh my God! Can someone please tell me where to get these lights? I am in love...

{Picture Perfect Home}

Sunday, September 11

10 years

May we always remember

{source unknown}

Monday, September 5

Colorful skirts

With the temperatures dropping, you just know that fall is upon us. Boehoe. I love summer and in my country this has been the wettest summer since 1906! I am certainly hoping for an indian summer so that I might be able to try out this trend: colorful skirts. Don't you just love it?

{Lucy Laucht}
{The Daybook}
Oh it is so time to go shopping!
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