Tuesday, June 21

Weekly Outfits

So here we go for round 2.

{This time tomorrow}
Love the combination of pink and orange. Would these colours work for a blonde? Cause in that case I am totally going shopping.

I want those sunglasses. Plus the look on his face made me giggle. Always a good thing when a man can make you smile right?

{Both pictures from Le Blog de Betty}
Okay, so I have always thought Betty had pretty awesome taste. Love the outfits she puts together and she always looks elegant. But she just went and raised the stakes...

She wore leopard shoes AND she has a leopard rug! So jealous.
As seen by this post, I am a big leopard fan. Huge. So now I have been scouring this site she got the shoes from and I am so close to ordering them. Even though I have more than enough shoes.

Seriously. Imelda Marcos has nothing on me.

{Song of Style}

Very laid-back and elegant. And such a cute dog!

Tell me, which one is your favourite?


Anna of IHOD said...

Those colors would definately work for a blonde! Loving them!!
I love the chic and cool look of Song of Style as well!!

motorcycle decals said...

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